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| 17 December 2018 | On Christmas Day, we're presenting to you a Special Sushi Course, featuring 20 pieces of exclusive sushi. It will be a celebration of flavours; a heavenly delight for sushi Read More
| 30 November 2018 | Ever wondered about the green tea that we serve? Here we have Japanese Tea Specialist Kaoru Obana, explaining what makes their tea so special, and how delicious tea Read More
| 27 November 2018 | "Walking into No Black Tie for the first time is almost like an initiation rite into a very exclusive fraternity that embodies the artistic soul and essence of Read More
| 12 October 2018 | Introducing Echo In The Night, a collaboration series happening once every other month. As Hibiki means 'echo', we would like for good chemistry between the chef, industry partners, and Read More